The foundation "School at Sea" provides High School students, in the 4th and 5th grade, the opportunity to make an unforgettable journey. 


In 6 months we sail from the Netherlands to the Caribbean and back. It is a trip of 12.000 sea miles, the route of Columbus. During this adventure my home is the Thalassa, a 3-master ship. 


The concept of "School at Sea" is that I learn how to sail, but I also follow school lessons. Personal growth of students is the main reason why this foundation started this concept. I expect that I learn a lot about my self. Team work and taking responsibility is very important, because there's only me, the group and the big ocean. We visit a lot of different places, and everywhere we stop we learn about the country, like the culture.  We go on excursions and visit local schools. At sea we do also projects like learn how to purify water and speak Spanish. And I am going to enjoy every sunset.  


I sail. I learn.

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